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PRISM Concert

Much like a prism breaks light into its component parts, the PRISM Concert breaks our instrumental music department into its varied components. The concept for PRISM was started in 1975 at the Eastman School of Music as a way to showcase the talents of the individual rather than the entire group. It also addressed the three issues usually associated with public concerts. 
Concerts generally don’t show the individual’s talents. Concerts can be too long. The audience can be unintentionally rude by clapping in the wrong place.
PRISM deals with all three by having mostly individuals or small groups perform; By keeping the entire concert held to no longer than 60 minutes; And by asking the audience to hold all applause until the very end. 

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Elementary Music Program

The Elementary Music Program is offered to 4th and 5th grade students either before or after school.  We have had great success with this program, offering group lessons in a variety of instruments, and an elementary ensemble for students with previous musical instruction, and an elementary chorus.  

For more information, follow the link below:

Elementary Music Program Details


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Guitar & Ukulele Club-MRMS

If you play guitar or another string instrument and would like to have fun playing music with other people come join the Miles River Guitar Fun! Club which meets every Thursday in Room 201. All grades and students of all levels are welcome to join! If you don't have a guitar or want to leave yours at home there are 25 acoustic guitars at school. Please contact Ms. Linkin with any questions. 

Ms. Linkin - w.linkin@hwschools.net


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Art Club-MRMS

The art club allows students the opportunity to create artwork beyond the regular art curriculum. Because of the club setting, student work can be more personal and individualized than work done in art class. The club also provides an outlet for students who want to create art throughout the school year. The setting will be informal and students do not need to attend every meeting date in order to join. 

Mrs. Concannon - s.concannon@hwschools.net


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in C Concert-CANCELLED


Members of the Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School band again perform Terry Riley's 1964 minimalistic masterpiece "In C" in the Ferrini Dramatics Center.  
With fifty-three melodic fragments played in sequence with the durations of each fragment performed at the discretion of the individual performers. All fragments work together, hence the title "In C". 

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