Prism Concert

On Wednesday, April 26th, 2016, the twelfth annual Prism concert will take place at the Ferrini Dramatics Center located in the high school.  The concert will start promptly at 8:00 and should last around an hour. 

Much like a prism breaks light into its component parts, tonight’s Prism concert breaks our instrumental music department into its varied components.  The concept for Prism was started in 1975 at the Eastman School of Music as a way to showcase the talents of the individual rather than the entire group.  It was also addressed the three issues usually associated with public concerts.  To whit:

Concerts generally don’t show the individual’s talents.

Concerts can be too long.

The audience can be unintentionally rude by clapping in the wrong place.

Prism deals with all three by having mostly individuals or small groups perform; By keeping the entire concert held to no longer than 60 minutes; And by asking the audience to hold all applause until the very end.

You are cordially invited to attend.  You will see the individual members of the high school performing arts community in a wonderfully intimate and enlightening setting.

Melody Miles

This unique community road race is our primary annual fundraising vehicle and provides sponsors with great exposure via race promotions, literature, posters, and mile markers as well as on our website and social media sites. 

Do you own a local business, work for a company that supports community charitable giving, or can we interest you in an individual or family sponsorship?   

Please consider sponsoring this one-of-a-kind event!  Several different sponsorship levels are available. 

Make sure you mark your calendars to come and join us on the day, May 27, either as a runner, walker, musician or just to cheer us on.  

Sign up to help out on the day here -!/showSignUp/30E0C4AA9A622A1F85-2017

Register to run Melody Miles here -

Melody Miles 2017


Support the Arts in our Schools! 

HW FOTA is looking for sponsors to support this year's Melody Miles 5k race! This unique community road race raises funds to support performance, musical, and visual arts education in the Hamilton-Wenham School District.

The event provides sponsors with great exposure as runners wear their race T-shirts all over the North Shore. Sponsor information also appears in race literature, posters, mile markers as well as on our website and social media sites. 

Local businesses and supporters power Melody Miles. We hope you will join our team effort!