Hold on Alice - review


Hold On Alice" wowed audiences with talent exhibited from all angles.  First, the script was written collaboratively by the cast and was loosely based on "Alice in Wonderland."  Musicians such as Ben Tanch then composed music and lyrics to enhance the play's drama.  Actor Matt Rose carried the storyline from happily married Dad to widower feeling conflicted between his late wife and new love.  Alice, his daughter was creatively played by a puppet with the voice of Olivia Brown supporting the character with her acting abilities channeled into the movements of Alice.  Other puppeteers were Kate Rubel and Addy Gordon.  As Alice struggles with deciding whether to accept a new potential mother, she encounters lively characters such as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, an intertwined duo seamlessly portrayed by sisters Eve and Helen Peppler.  A grinning Humpty Dumpty acted by Will Glovsky has a great fall, and Cheshire Cat Stephanie Goodwin weaves her way among the characters to tie the story together.  Eventually Alice learns to accept her father's new girlfriend played by Katie Ryan while simultaneously learning to keep her late mother, portrayed by Julia Brown, in her memory.  

After the play was performed, the cast and crew congregated on stage to answer questions from the audience.  Director Christopher Shailor explained the process through which the play was written, incorporated music, rehearsed, and performed during a very short time frame.  The crew also demonstrated their resourcefulness by re-using existing costumes from other plays to adapt to the characters of "Alice in Wonderland."  Finally, the crew, musicians, and cast bowed to an audience overwhelmingly impressed by this excellent student created production.